Who is Jess?

Jessica Chen headshot

Creativity takes courage.

Henri Matisse

I’m a Taiwanese-American producer, writer, and actor. My work explores themes of identity, womanhood, and becoming an adult. I’m the founder of Lil Swimmers Productions, a Taipei-based film production company, and Re-Casting the Movies, a non-profit that promotes underrepresented communities in casting and media representation.

Monologue for the Third Culture Kid is my directorial debut.

After working in Taiwan for the past six years, I’ve relocated to New York to pursue acting and screenwriting. My time abroad has given me incredible insight into the Taiwanese-American experience and telling American stories from a diverse perspective.

Follow Jess’s journey through her social media:

You can also find her on IMDb, ISA, Backstage, Mandy, Stage 32, and Slated.

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